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What if I want a matt surface? Print E-mail
In its default form, Concrete Guard™ has a low-sheen wet look.  This could be best described as a "non-wet" wet look, when compared to a regular surface.  Visually, Concrete Guard has a very natural appearance.

Sometimes a matt look is desired instead.

Clean Scheme, the distributors of Concrete Guard, have an additive that can be mixed in with Concrete Guard before application which will give Concrete Guard a matt appearance.

This additive is composed of a very fine particle silica which is mixed in to the solution.  The silica becomes is transparent when mixed in, but reduces the amount of light that passes through the sealer.  This gives the sealer the matt appearance.

Usually the reason for wanting a matt look is for a perception of safety.  It is a psychological issue due to the association of a wet look with a wet surface. 

Whether Concrete Guard surface has a wet looking or matt  looking surface has no effect on its properties.  The slip resistance of Concrete Guard is unaffected and it remains a safe flooring surface.

The use of a matting agent is common throughout the manufacturing industries to give a matt appearance to what would otherwise be a glossy surface.  Other sealers may come as a matt solution only in order to gain the benefit of the doubt with regards to safety.  With Concrete Guard the user is empowered with the ability to make their own choice.

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