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Frequently Asked Questions ...

Want more information about Concrete Guard™?  Here's a great place to find it.  This section is updated as new information or needs arise.  If your question is not answered here, please contact us.

Item Title
Can we use it to cover over old paving paint?
Our concrete is dusty. What can we do?
Will bubble gum stick to Concrete Guard?
How can Concrete Guard be used to cure concrete?
Will Concrete Guard make the surface slippery?
What are the "end of life" characteristics of Concrete Guard?
How can I add colour to my concrete?
What other materials can we use Concrete Guard on?
How can you claim a 5 year lifespan when other sealers only last one year?
How safe is it to apply Concrete Guard?
What if I want a matt surface?
Exactly how safe is Concrete Guard for a flooring surface?
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