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How can you claim a 5 year lifespan when other sealers only last one year? Print E-mail
Our claim of Concrete Guard lasting 5 years on all domestic surfaces is based on independent external laboratory testing where elements such as UV light exposure and weathering are accelerated to mimic the longer time period.  This is the way that all products (including coatings, paint, etc) are tested without the test itself taking the full period of time to complete.

[Please note that sometimes "independant testing" is still done in-house by the manufacturer!  Our tests were carried out at the laboratories of Michelman, Inc., Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.]

The test used here is “ASTM G-154”.  The name refers to the specification of how the lab equipment for this test is operaterd and how the test is conducted.  This particular test is a method of determining the resistance of paint films and associated materials to artificial weathering.  It aims to replicate the degradation caused by sunlight and rainfall and is the most widely used method for testing the durability of surface coatings.

In this test, the coated panel is exposed to a bank of UV lights and water is present which is caused to condense on the surface of the sample.  

QUV testing machineIn the testing chamber, the sample was exposed in two separate four hour cycles.  In the first cycle, the sample is exposed to UV light and the temperature is kept at 60˚C.  In the second cycle, the sample is subjected to condensation at 50˚C.  These two cycles are repeated continuously for a total of 250 hours.  At the end of the testing cycle, the samples are taken out and are inspected.

The Concrete Guard sample had not degraded at all and thus it can be relied upon to protect the surface and presentation of your investment in concrete.

The only exception to our 5 year lifespan is for surfaces that receive a commercial level of traffic.  As can be expected, an increase in the level of traffic will increase the wear and tear on a surface.  For this reason we have reduced the claimed lifespan to a conservative two years.

When it should come to reapplying Concrete Guard, no special preparation is required.  Just give the surface a regular clean and then reapply.