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Previously sealed concrete should be stripped and washed clean of chemical residue prior to application.  Ensure that the concrete is not too hot, using water to cool first as necessary.  The sealer needs time to coalesce before the water component evaporates.

Concrete Guard application on an aggregate driveway. Apply with mop, brush, airless sprayer, padco type applicator or roller to damp surface, being careful to ensure that the sealer does not pool in any surface irregularities.  The sealer will start as a milky white colour, turning bluish and then directly to clear as it dries.

A second coat can be applied approximately 30 minutes later when Concrete Guars is touch dry.  There should be no water or traffic applied to the surface for 24 hours.  Maximum curing is achieved in 7 days.

Acrylic and oxide colourants can be used to add an architectural look to the concrete surface.  Additional coats will also intensify the resulting colour.  Contact us for details.

Freshly sealed aggregate versus an unsealed concrete path, separated by a strip of wood. Penetration of the concrete surface depends on the porosity of the surface and this in turn will also affect the usage rate.

Brushes and tools wash out in water.


Avoid contact with eyes.  In case of eye contact, immediately flush with water for fifteen minutes and seek medical attention.  If swallowed, drink two glasses of milk and seek medical attention.