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How can I add colour to my concrete? Print E-mail
At the same time as you are sealing your concrete, you can also add colour with a number of decorative options.

The most common method will be with the addition of colourants to the sealer itself.  Both acrylics and oxides can be safely added to Concrete Guard.  The use of these enable you to give your concrete constructions an architectural look.  Clean Scheme is currently sourcing some innovative pigments that can be used with Concrete Guard for incredible results.  This page will be updated accordingly.

With Concrete Guard you have the option of buffing to an ultra high shine with a floor polishing machine which most commercial cleaners have.  These can also be hired.  This will give your concrete application the look and shine of a ballroom floor.  You simply have to see it to believe it!

Pictured: Polished Concrete Guard on a regular concrete floor (no special finishes applied).