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What are the "end of life" characteristics of Concrete Guard? Print E-mail
The downside of many of the sealers available on the market today is that with time and exposure they will deteriorate.  A sealer that was once a gorgeous wet look when it was applied can ...

  • become dull and opaque. 
  • become yellowish due to exposure to UV rays from the sunlight.
  • become brittle, splitting and/or flaking on the surface.

Because of this it is a wise thing to find out how well the sealer of your choice will age.

In the simplest of terms, Concrete Guard does not degrade.  Under laboratory testing conditions (see here for details) Concrete Guard does not degrade in any noticeable way from ultraviolet light or repeated condensation cycles.  The only thing that will happen is that the level of sealant on your concrete wears away over time with no flaking or yellowing present.

As a result of this, the good news is that:

  • you do not need to worry about your concrete becoming unsightly
  • there is no requirement to strip away unsightly sealer before reapplying
  • there is no special preparation work required in order to reapply Concrete Guard and bring the surface back to pristine condition

So use Concrete Guard to seal your porous surfaces and you can proceed with confidence.