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How do you remove bubble gum from concrete? Print E-mail
There are a number of ways that you can remove bubble gum from various surfaces.  For example, you can freeze bubble gum on fabric with an ice cube and break it away.  In hair, you can rub in some peanut butter and remove the gum (no, we don't know why it works either).

The problem with bubble gum on concrete is that it has usually been there for a very long time yet still needs to be removed as part of the preparation of existing concrete for sealing with Concrete Guard.

The first step is to try and remove it with a metal scraper or blast it away with a high pressure water "power washer".  For more 'recent' gum deposits, this can be enough to dislodge them as they haven't fully hardened yet.

For the truly difficult examples of fully aged and hardened gum on concrete, we have found some success with chemical paint stripper (which just happened to be handy).  Cover the offending gum mound with the stripper gel and give it time to soften (much as you would for paint removal).

You may wish to use a metal object to scratch across the harder top surface of the gum so that the stripper can penetrate throughout the gum deposit.

Once the gum has softened, you may either scrape it from the concrete or use a high pressure jet of water to dislodge the gum. 

There are other stories out there of using WD40 (engine lubricant spray) or cigarette lighter fuel to break down the gum. 

In accordance with internet folk lore, you may also be able to use Coke to extract bubble gum from hair and this may also have an application in separating bubble gum from concrete.  If we get a chance to test it and it works, we'll update this page with the info.  (and to think that we actually drink the stuff!)

If you have a favourite technique which is not listed here, feel welcome to contact us and share it for the benefit of all others.