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Will bubble gum stick to Concrete Guard? Print E-mail
One of the biggest issues to do with concrete areas in public is the incidence of used bubble gum being discarded on to concrete.  This gum then hardens and is very difficult to remove.

Part of how Concrete Guard works is that it changes the surface tension of the concrete.  This is what stops water and oils 'wetting' and penetrating the porous surface of the concrete.  This hydrophobic nature of the surface of Concrete Guard should make harder to attach bubble gum to the concrete.

Concrete Guard also takes up most of the space in the pores of the concrete, meaning that there should be less porous 'texture' for the gum to 'grip' with.

In theory, bubble gum should not grip to a surface sealed with Concrete Guard as well as it would grip to unsealed concrete.

We've set out to test this by purchasing some bubble gum / chewing gum and producing some deposits that were placed on a test area of concrete that had been previously sealed with Concrete Guard.  These were left for a few days before returning to see how easy it was to remove the hardened gum.

Number one bubble gum suspectThis is where our very scientific testing became 'unstuck'.  Upon return, the gum was no longer there. 

Upon further investigation it was discovered that the family dog apparently has a taste for bubble gum.  We will have to find another method of testing so that we can report the results in the future.

(Pictured right: our number one suspect for the bubble gum disappearance)