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Can we use it to cover over old paving paint? Print E-mail
We've got paving paint which is getting old and it's constantly grimy and very hard to get clean.  Can we colourise some Concrete Guard and use it over the top to hide the ugly paving paint?

This may be possible, but it is not recommended. 

First and foremost, Concrete Guard is designed to be a penetrating concrete sealer which makes its way in to the pores of the surface.  It doesn't make much sense to be applying it over the top of a paint.

If you did apply it over a painted surface, the weak link would become the bond between the paint and its underlying surface.  As the paint is already through a significant portion of its life span, long term satisfaction with the solution could not be guaranteed.

Furthermore, if your paving paint has any silicon content in it, this will cause adhesion issues for other products (especially water based ones) as silicon repels water.  So there is potential for a 'non-bond'.

Your final issue is that paving paints normally peel off over time.  This would undo what you have tried to achieve.

The best solution to the problem (apart from not using paving paint in the first place) is to strip off the paving paint.  We know from our own experience that it's a rotten job to have to do. 

Once you are back to the bare concrete surface you can then apply a tinted coat of Concrete Guard.  It's a lot of work, but it's the correct way to achieve a satisfactory long term solution.